vehicle stunts
without risk

Easy to implement with driving robots from VEHICO!

Vehicle stunts that would be too dangerous for a stuntman can be performed unmanned with driving robots from VEHICO. In this way, even the most spectacular vehicle scenes can be realised without risk.


Required Components


Steering Robot

Whether CS-B20 or CS-B40, our car steering robots are all suitable for performing stunt tests.

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Pedal Robot Flex Series

The Pedal Robot Flex Series is the optimal addition to the components required for stunt tests.

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Fail-Safe Emergency Brake Actuator

The fail-safe emergency brake actuator can operate the brake pedal via radio from outside the vehicle.

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Inter Robot Communication

The IRC enables the transmission of data between VEHICO driving robots in different vehicles.

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Jaguar E-Pace World Record Jump

An impressive example is the world record jump at the world premiere of the Jaguar E-Pace on 13 July 2017 in London: The E-Pace, driven by British stunt driver Terry Grant during the final jump, completed a 15.3 m wide jump, turning 270┬░ and landing safely on four wheels. This was made possible by countless preparation jumps performed unmanned with VEHICO robots. Without exposing a driver to too dangerous a situation, the right set-up for the correct jump trajectory could be determined. The precise implementation of the calculation specifications for the vehicle movement before and on the ramp as well as during the landing phase was particularly important.

The steering robot CS-B20 and the combined brake and accelerator robot CC800 were installed in the SUV in combination with the failsafe emergency brake robot EBR. Our Inter Robot Communication IRC was used to monitor the robots from outside the vehicle.

The video "New Jaguar E-PACE - Behind the Scenes of the Barrel Roll" documents the development of this stunt from its beginnings to its world premiere in London.


Stunt tests with VEHICO driving robots

Precise implementation of desired specifications

In stunt tests with vehicles, the precise implementation of the specifications is particularly important.

With the use of VEHICO robots, specifications can be implemented precisely, because they convince with the following advantages:

  • loadable up to acceleration values of several g
  • optional automatic or remote-controlled driving
  • almost unlimited possibilities for specifying the driving task
  • safe operation due to supplementary failsafe emergency braking robot
  • highly clocked communication to the vehicle enables fast intervention from the outside


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