Syncronised driving

thanks to state-of-the-art technology also for dynamic driving manoeuvres

With CO.Sync, two or more test vehicles are automatically driven in any arrangement to each other and synchronised with each other with high precision by means of radio communication.

This test constellation is necessary, for example, as a prerequisite for programming driver assistance systems of future generations such as turn assistants or distance control systems.

Advantages of the VEHICO driving robots

Principle structure

CO.Sync is based on two or more vehicles equipped with CO.Drive for autonomous driving. Since the vehicle's own status data is used for automatic driving, other potential participants data are included, but other potential test participants are not taken into account, CO.Sync is a corresponding functional extension.

The data of the individual vehicles are transmitted to a special synchronisation module via a radio link. This module generates dynamic This module generates dynamic setpoint specifications based on the test constellation specified by the user, which are transmitted to the vehicles. An optimal synchronisation of the vehicles with each other is thus guaranteed despite possible interferences.

Test Equipment

Required Components

Steering Robot

Our entire range of steering robots can be used in combination with the CO.Sync vehicle dynamics control system.

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Combined Pedal Robot

or the combination of gas and brake pe-dal robot can be used in conjunction with our vehicle dynamics control systems.

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Inter Robot Communication

With Inter Robot Communication IRC, data can be transferred between VEHICO driving robots in different vehicles.

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Performance Features

Advantages of CO.Sync

CO.Sync convinces with the following features:

  • dynamic synchronisation between robots in different cabins during the test run
  • trigger signals can be sent online to robots in other vehicles
  • sensor and robot signals can be exchanged online between the vehicle robots
  • any test vehicle can be easily replaced by VEHICO's Dynamic Target Mover for testing with soft targets
  • all robots can be centrally configured and operated from a vehicle or stationary from a base station

Areas of Application

Numerous areas of application

CO.Sync is used wherever the relative position of two vehicles to each other is particularly important, such as maintaining a certain distance. certain distance.

Another area of application are vehicle tests in which where one or more vehicles have to be at a defined way marker at a certain time, for example The vehicle must be at a defined marker at a certain time, for example, in order to enter certain measuring ranges at a precise time.

  • Development and validation of future driver assistance systems and vehicle dynamics control systems
    Example: ACC, Turn Assist, Collision Avoidance, etc.
  • Accident reconstruction
    Especially for cases in which an accident with two vehicles involved has to be re-enacted.
  • Crash
    Compatibility tests and vehicle-to-vehicle tests at any angle


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