Testing of autonomous emergency braking systems

Easy to implement with driving robots from VEHICO!

Driving robots from VEHICO are ideally suited for testing Autonomous Emergency Braking Systems (AEB).

Convince yourself of our driving robots and implement the test requirements without any problems.

AEB Testing

We have the robots for your AEB test

Steering Robot

Our CS-B20 is the ideal steering robot for carrying out your AEB tests.

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Pedal Robot Flex Series

The flex pedal robots optimally complement the required components.

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Target Mover

With the Target Mover you make the test set complete.

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Advantages of the VEHICO driving robots

Parameterisation not required

With our driving robots, you no longer have to set the control parameters. You install the driving robots in the vehicle and can start the driving tests directly. This saves you time and leads to faster results!

In addition, our driving robots convince with the following performance features:

  • increasing the reproducibility
  • fulfilment of the EuroNCAP test requirements
  • Maximum accuracy by triggering the steering movement to the relative data of the GVT
  • fast data analysis through integrated evaluation algorithms
  • operation of the GVT from the VUT possible
  • universally applicable for all vehicle types
  • undisturbed manual vehicle operation
  • short installation time, as parameters do not have to be adjusted
  • compatible with all GPS systems such as Genesys, iMar, Oxford, Racelogic or others

Preconfigured templates

Continuous test support

uncomplicated input of the test parameters

Benefit from the experience of VEHICO's engineers: the control systems can all be used directly - there is no need for the tedious parameter setting required by other manufacturers!

easy switching between left and right-hand traffic

Switching between left-hand and right-hand traffic is of course possible without any problems. By simply switching in the test setting you change the mode.

highly flexible script language

VEHICO has successfully relied on an intuitive script language for years with which all conceivable movement profiles can be individually programmed with simple commands. Numerous standard tests are already pre-configured. External trigger signals can also be taken into account.

fast data evaluation

The data obtained are displayed and mapped directly .

AEB Testing

Implementation of EuroNCAP tests with VEHICO robots

In order to test the systems of the vehicle manufacturers, different accident scenarios are simulated in which the test vehicle hits a slower vehicle dummy, also called a target. For a reproducible result, it is necessary that the speeds of the vehicles, the relative distance of the vehicles to each other, the braking force of the test vehicle and the braking deceleration of the target must be precisely controlled and thus reproducibly maintained. In addition, the test vehicle and target must be track-controlled.

You can easily implement all these test requirements with our driving robots and use them to carry out the following EuroNCAP test protocols, among others:

AEB VRU - Vulnerable Road User

CPFA - Car-to-Pedestrian Farside Adult
CPNA - Car-to-Pedestrian Nearside Adult
CPNC - Car-to-Pedestrian Nearside Child
CPLA - Car-to-Pedestrian Longitudinal Adult
CPTA - Car-to-Pedestrian Turning Adult
CPRA - Car-to-Pedestrian Reverse Adult
CBNA - Car-to-Bicyclist Nearside Adult
CBNAO - Car-to-Bicyclist Nearside Adult Obstructed
CBFA - Car-to-Bicyclist Farside Adult
CBLA - Car-to-Bicyclist Longitudinal Adult

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AEB C2C - Car-to-Car

CCRs - Car-to-Car Rear Stationary
CCRm - Car-to-Car Rear Moving
CCRb - Car-to-Car Rear Braking
CCFtap - CCar-to-Car Front Turn-Across-Path

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Whether NCAP or NHTSA

we meet the test requirements

Our VEHICO driving robots meet the NCAP test requirements and the test scenarios can be driven with them.


In addition, our robots can also be used to implement the test scenarios of other New Car Assessment programmes or other authorities and test facilities.


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