The right
steering robot for
rollover tests

Steering angle simply generated

Rollover tests are mainly carried out to analyse the stability of the vehicle structure, the biomechanical load on the occupants or the protection systems, such as the airbags.

The VEHICO steering robot CS-B is ideally suited for generating the steering angle during the slope rollover.

Test Equipment

The VEHICO steering robot CS-B40 is ideal for testing slope rollover.

Furthermore, a trigger mark is needed to start the steering angle at exactly the right time.

Current Guidelines

In order to be able to simulate the real accident situations of overturning vehicles different rollover crash tests have been established in order to best simulate real-life rollover crash situations.

In addition to the legally regulated "FMVSS208 Rollover", there are, for example, the following:

  • Embankment Rollover
  • Corkscrew Rollover
  • Soil Trip Rollover
  • Curb Trip Rollover
  • Sand Pit Rollover

Test Description

In slope rollover, the test vehicle drives at an acute angle towards a slope or ditch.

As soon as the vehicle is on the slope, a steering movement is initiated that eventually causes the vehicle to tip over sideways.

Test Procedure

A trigger mark attached to the slope starts the steering angle at exactly the right time.

The VEHICO steering robot has no moving parts such as fans or hard drives and is therefore enormously robust against the vibrations and accelerations that occur in the rollover test.

Test Equipment

Required Components

Steering Robot

Rollover tests can be carried out with our steering robots.

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A trigger, which can be attached to the vehicle door or at another location, for example, triggers the steering robot's steering angle.

Rollover Testing

Advantages of the VEHICO Rollover Test System

Steering robot is quickly installed in test vehicle

Mounting the steering robot on the steering wheel is simple and quick. This significantly reduces the set-up time of the test vehicle.

Steering robot is very robust and insensitive

The steering robot controller has robust hardware that is insensitive to the vibrations and accelerations that occur.

Power supply from the vehicle's own battery

The vehicle's own battery is sufficient to operate the steering robot; no additional power supply is required.


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