NEW: The ideal solution for your vehicle tests

The pedal robots flex series is unique: it allows different pedal drives to be combined in a single robot system.

The Flex Robot series is a modular system that can be individually equipped with different drive units for actuating vehicle pedals such as the accelerator or brake pedal. Depending on the test requirements, the drive units are available in different performance levels. The system can therefore be customised or even put together for specific applications. This means you always achieve the best possible results with minimum effort.

The new CF robot series is a real all-rounder! It is perfect for a wide range of vehicle tests and opens up completely new possibilities for you.

Experience the future of vehicle testing

The new revolutionary flex pedal robot system

Welcome to the world of automation and efficiency! With our advanced Flex pedal robot series, you can set new standards in vehicle testing.

Whether in the field of autonomous vehicles, for the development of driver assistance systems, in research or for special applications - our Flex pedal robot series offers you the most precise and reliable solution for the automated actuation of vehicle pedals.

  • Precision and reliability in perfection
    Our pedal robot system has been developed to ensure maximum precision and reliability. High-performance special drives combined with state-of-the-art sensor technology ensure precise and repeatable operation of the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals. Rely on technology that reacts with pinpoint accuracy in every situation.
  • Simple integration and operation
    Thanks to its modular design, the pedal robot system can be seamlessly integrated into almost any vehicle. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to programme and adjust the operating parameters. Your system is ready for use within a very short time - without complex modifications or lengthy installations.
  • Versatile in use
    Whether you are working in the field of vehicle development, road tests or approval - our pedal robot system offers you a wide range of possible applications. Use it for tests under real conditions, to increase efficiency or to optimise your measurement results.
  • Highest safety standards
    Safety is our top priority. The pedal robot system is equipped with comprehensive safety mechanisms that guarantee reliable and safe operation. Thanks to continuous monitoring and automated emergency protocols, you are always on the safe side.
  • Pioneering technology
    Invest in a technology that will give you a decisive advantage today and in the future. The pedal robot system is compatible with the latest developments in autonomous driving and can be easily adapted to future requirements.
  • See for yourself!
    Experience the benefits of the pedal robot system and take your vehicle tests to the next level. Contact us for a personal consultation and discover the possibilities that our pedal robot system offers you.

Flex pedal robot series - Precision. Reliability. Future.

Test equipment

Available pedal drives

Accelerator robot CF A200

ideal for high-precision vehicle speed control

The small drive unit with extendable arm for operating the accelerator pedal leaves plenty of room for the test driver.

Brake robot CF B1000

highly efficient small but powerful braking robot

for braking applications with forces up to 1250 N and impulse braking with pedal speeds greater than 2 m/s

Twin brake robot CF TB2000

ideal for extreme forces and dynamics

for high-force braking tests up to 2500 N and for extremely high impulses and pedal speeds of over 2 m/s

Test equipment

Possible combinations

Brake and accelerator robot CF A200 B1000

with our steering robots ideal for ADAS tests, HIL tests or endurance tests

The individual robot systems for the accelerator and brake pedals can be easily combined, installed and operated together.

Twin brake and accelerator robots CF A200 TB2000

ideal for applications with extreme requirements

Our extremely powerful Twin Brake Robot TB2000 and the very small Accelerator Robot A200 is the ideal combination for applications with high braking force.

Technical data


250 cm/s

max. speed brake

150 cm/s

max. speed gas

2500 N

max. pedal force brake

200 N

max. pedal force gas

220 mm

max. pedal travel brake

2.5 kg

Weight (drive unit CF B1000)

Pedal drives

Available drives in detail

All drive units in the flex pedal robot series at a glance

Accelerator robot CF A200

Brake robot CF B1000

Twin brake robot CF TB2000

Performance classes

The right system for every application

With just one control unit, you can switch between a gas drive, two brake drives with different strengths either individually or in combination with each other. Depending on your test requirements, you can choose the most suitable solution.

Example application

Target point braking

One application example that demonstrates the efficiency of the pedal robot system is target point braking. The vehicle is braked with a medium to high deceleration so that it always comes to a standstill at a defined target point. This method is particularly valuable for the development and calibration of distance sensors such as radar and lidar systems.

The pedal robot operates the vehicle's pedals and ensures that the vehicle always stops at exactly the same point. This is achieved through high-precision sensor technology and sophisticated control algorithms that finely control the braking force during the entire manoeuvre. The robot's ability to perform these braking operations with the highest level of repeatability is crucial, as even the slightest deviation in braking performance could affect the test results.

In real tests, the depicted pylon lane, which serves as a placeholder for obstacles, is replaced by real vehicles such as cars or lorries. This ensures that the sensors can be calibrated and tested under realistic conditions.

The manual performance of such tests by human drivers is not only extremely difficult, but also harbours considerable safety risks. Even experienced test drivers cannot guarantee the exact repeatability of a target braking manoeuvre, as human reactions and manual braking are inherently variable. The use of our pedal robot eliminates this variability and minimises the risks associated with such high-precision manoeuvres.

Overall, the braking robot makes a decisive contribution to increasing safety and efficiency in the development of vehicle sensors by creating precise and safe test conditions, which are essential for the calibration and validation of modern driver assistance and safety systems.

Discover the ultimate pedal robot

Revolutionary precision and dynamics

We present our latest pedal robot system, developed on the basis of our extensive experience in the field of driving robot applications. Using state-of-the-art electronics and mechanics, we have created a unique system that sets new standards.

The outstanding features at a glance:

  • Incredible dynamics:
    Thanks to its extremely low inertia, our pedal robot is the most dynamic on the market. It reacts with lightning speed and precision to every requirement.
  • Space saving design:
    The fascinatingly small dimensions of our system create more space for the driver without compromising on performance.
  • Enormous braking force:
    With an impressive force of up to 2500 N on the brake pedal, our pedal robot offers unrivalled braking performance.
  • High impulse braking:
    Achieves a pedal speed of over 2 m/s for fast and effective braking manoeuvres.
  • Flexibility through a control system:
    Operate and switch effortlessly between all drive units in the Flex series with just one control unit.
  • Precise force measurement:
    Select the force measurement either in the brake arm or orthogonally on the brake pedal, depending on your requirements.
  • Universally applicable:
    Our system is suitable for both upright and suspended pedals and therefore offers maximum flexibility in use.

Take the next step into the future of vehicle testing and discover how our pedal robot system can revolutionise your everyday testing. Benefit from state-of-the-art technology, unrivalled dynamics in an extremely compact design - and handling that will inspire you.


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