• Objective testing
  • exact and reproducible driving tests
  • automatic driving on GPS basis
  • automation of test bench procedures

... this and more are the fields of application of VEHICO driving robots.

More and more car manufacturers, suppliers, testing facilities, authorities and research institutions worldwide are enthusiastic users of our products.

Easy operation, quick installation in the vehicle as well as unparalleled flexibility for a wide range of test scenarios, and last but not least, our support are repeatedly cited by our customers as unique. Do you also need products for reproducible road tests? Then you have come to the right place!


Our Product Portfolio

Steering Robot

The perfect system for operating the vehicle's own steering wheel.

Pedal Robot Flex Series

The flex robot series enables the combination of different pedal drives in a single robot system.

Multipurpose Pedal Robot

A universal pedal robot, usable for any pedal, whether clutch, brake or accelerator pedal.

Combined Brake and Accelerator Robot

One pedal robot - two pedals, control of brake and accelerator pedal with only one robot.

Brake Robot

The perfect robot for objective braking tests.

Gas Pedal Robot

Our robot especially for the accelerator with particularly simple and quick assembly.

Shifting Robot

The shifting robot enables the control of the gearstick lever of manual transmission as well as automatic vehicles.

Failsafe Emergency Brake System

The emergency brake actuator ensures fail-safe actuation of the brake pedal from the outside via radio.

Inter Robot Communication IRC

Wireless radio communication with high range developed for the special requirements in road tests.

Remote Controlled Driving

By using a driving robot and a remote control, unmanned driving tests can be realised in a simple way.

Track Controlled Driving

The automatic track guidance enables exact tracking of track-related xy-coordinates.

Automatic Driving

Automatic driving enables exact tracking of xy-route coordinates with a predefined speed profile.

Synchronised Driving of Multiple Vehicles

The automatic driving of two or more vehicles in any arrangement and their synchronisation by means of radio communication.

Robot Simulator

The Robot Simulator contains the full software functions of a VEHICO driving robot in pocket format and supports the preparation and follow-up of driving tests with VEHICO driving robots without having the hardware at hand.

Modular Expansion Levels

For the greatest possible adaptability


as the simplest product variant enables the steering wheel, pedals or gearstick lever to be controlled by actuators that can be installed quickly.

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combines a driving robot with a remote control. By specifying the steering angle and pedal movements from outside the vehicle, unmanned driving tests can be realised in a very simple way, even without positioning sensors.

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steers the vehicle automatically. VEHICO lane guidance guarantees that the test vehicle follows a previously defined course reproducibly and precisely.

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represents an extension of the functions of CO.Track in that the test vehicle drives completely autonomously. In addition to controlling the lane, CO.Drive also electronically controls freely definable speed and acceleration curves.

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synchronises two or more autonomously driving vehicles with each other. A special synchronisation module receives the data of the vehicles involved in the test and optimises their driving conditions so that previously defined distances between the vehicles or absolute positions are maintained with high precision at certain points in time.

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