Driving robot + Indoor System =

highest precision under reliably
controlled test conditions

Driving robots are used during vehicle development wherever accuracy and reproducibility are particularly important. Many tests are carried out on outdoor test sites, which are subject to variable test conditions (temperature, humidity, brightness, etc.).

In order to make vehicle development more reliable, indoor facilities can now also be used for robot tests.

Example Application

VEHICO driving robot on indoor plant CARISSMA

On the indoor test facility of the CARISSMA Research and Test Center of the Ingolstadt University of Technology (THI), the VEHICO driving robot proves its performance. Regardless of whether the driving profile is taught or programmed by a driver, the VEHICO driving robot reproduces the driving profile with the precision and reliability our systems are known for. Thus, robot tests are directly transferable between outdoor and indoor testing without any adaptations, which allows an indoor test facility to develop its full potential.


Which tests can be implemented?

Thanks to the latest developments in indoor position measurement, highly dynamic vehicle testing and validation procedures can now be carried out with driving robots indoors, which were previously only possible with GPS and outdoors. Examples of this are:

  • Acceleration and braking tests
  • Handling tests
  • Crashtests
  • Tire tests
  • Validation of ADAS sensors and systems
With the combination of our driving robots and a suitable indoor positioning system, these tests can now also be carried out indoors and thus all year round under controlled test conditions. Thanks to our very universal and high-performance driving dynamics controls, no special adaptation needs to be made on the driving robot.

This makes it possible to implement applications in which both the indoor positioning system and a classic GPS system are used in parallel.
Example: Entry and exit from an outdoor area into a test or production hall (and vice versa)

Test Equipment

Required Components

Steering Robot

Our entire range of steering robots can be used in conjunction with the CO.Drive or CO.Sync software option.

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Pedal Robot Flex Series

The flex series pedal robots with accelerator and brake robots can be used in conjunction with our driving dynamics control systems.

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Location Sensors

Whether the VBOX Indoor Positioning System (VIPS) from Racelogic or Pozyx 2GAD from OxTS is present, any precise positioning without GNSS can be used.

Indoor Testing with VEHICO Driving Robots

Highest precision even indoors

With the use of VEHICO robots, indoor driving tests can be implemented quickly and reliably, because they convince with the following advantages:

  • direct transferability of the driving tests between indoor and outdoor tests
  • full precision and performance of our vehicle dynamics controls
  • fast and easy assembly
  • universally applicable for all vehicle types
  • almost unlimited possibilities to specify the driving task


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