The strongest robot on the market

The powerful Brake Robot CB2100 is characte-rised by its robust design and the wide range of possible applications in everyday testing.

In addition to the control variables pedal position and pedal force, the brake pressure and the vehicle deceleration can also be controlled. Switching between the four control variables during a test is of course possible.

Numerous interfaces facilitate the connection of sensors. As with all VEHICO robots, emphasis was placed on a short set-up time and intuitive handling. With our braking robot, we offer the prerequisite for objective braking tests.

Even emergency braking and panic braking manoeuvres with extremely high pedal forces and pedal speeds are possible with the braking robot.

Performance Features

The unique concept of the Brake Robot CB2100

strong and fast

The VEHICO Brake Robot CB2100 can provide a force of up to 2000N on the brake pedal. Besides the high forces, a velocity of up to 120cm/s can be achieved. The high velocity capabilities are particularly important to trigger HBA (hydraulic brake assist) systems, because these systems are activated only by the exceeding of a pressure gradient.


The robot comes with four control modes: pedal position, pedal force, brake pressure and vehicle deceleration. Switching between the four control modes is of course possible also within a test run.


The brake pedal can be overridden manually at any time. The driver always has the opportunity to intervene and bring the vehicle to a safe stop in case of imminent danger.


For many years VEHICO successfully uses an intuitive scripting language with which all possible profiles can be freely programmed by simple commands and associated parameters.


With its impressive performance and its outstanding cost/performance ratio the brake robot CB2100 is virtually unrivaled on the driving robot market.


The brake robot can be installed with little time spent in almost every standard car.

combinable with all VEHICO steering and gas pedal robots

The brake robot is combinable with all VEHICO steering and gas pedal robots. All driving robots can be operated together from one common webinterface, they can run synchronized between each other and the logged data is merged.

Technical Data


120 cm/s

max. speed

2000 N

max. force

8 kg


Areas of application

Wide Range of Applications

Due to their enormous flexibility, our pedal robots are used in a wide range of different applications:

  • HBA tests with high pressure gradients
  • ABS tests with pulsating brake pedal  >>>
  • NCAP AEB City, Interurban and Pedestrian Protection Tests  >>>
  • Automated Braking Manoeuvres
  • Brake Pressure Analysis
  • defined deceleration of towed crash targets for testing active brake assistants
  • use in vehicles with active brake assist in soft crash tests in conjunction with TTC (time to collision) triggers.
  • ... and much more


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