Highest track accuracy

even during driving manoeuvres at the limit

The track controlled driving, sometimes also known as path following, enables the vehicle to exaclty follow xy-coordinates on the road even for high dynamic driving maneuvers. CO.TRACK is a closed-loop real time control that calculates the required steering wheel angle depending on the current vehicle position. It is based on VEHICOs long-standing expertise in the field of high-performance vehicle control.

Reproducible, smooth and robust steering with at the same time intuitive operation are essential features. CO.TRACK is available as software option for all of our steering robots.

Key Data

Features of CO.Track

Due to their enormous flexibility, our steering robots are used in a wide range of different applications:

  • highly dynamic driving maneuvers with lateral acceleration up to 1g
  • smooth, yet very quick steering response
  • independent of vehicle speed
  • suitable also for low-µ testing on snow, ice or gravel
  • compatible with all standard GPS sensor systems like Oxford, Racelogic, Genesys or iMar
  • simple definition of the desired track by recording manual driving or with the intuitiv VEHICO scripting language
  • any combination of open-loop and closed-loop maneuvers possible
  • quick and easy adaptation to different vehicles
  • simple extension with brake and accelerator robots for fully automated driving CO.Drive


Reproducibility and Accuracy

Highest tracking accuracies, even during driving manoeuvres at the limit, are achieved with CO.Track. Completely independent of the vehicle speed. The vehicle always remains stable.

By having a look at the plot of 6 repeatedly driven ISO 3888 lane change tests you get a first impression of the accuracy: Even under these extreme conditions the reproducibility is so high that the results nearly cannot be distinguised.

CO.TRACK can be operated in the entire dynamic and velocity range of a vehicle. Thus, the system can be used in various areas, whether you want to drive up a line on tarmac, a circle on snow or a dynamic handling course. Each test drive is precise and reproducible.

Test Equipment

Required Components

Steering Robot

Our entire range of steering robots can be used in conjunction with the CO.Track software option.

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Drive Dynamics Control

The automatic track control CO.Track enables exact tracking of track-related xy-coordinates.

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Location sensors

Regardless of whether location sensor technology from GeneSys, OxTS, Racelogic or iMAR is available, any GNSS sensor equipped with an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) can be used.

Driving Dynamics ontrol

Available in two different configurations

CO.Track light

Steering wheel turning speed up to 90 deg/sec.
Best for ADAS testing.


Steering wheel turning speed not limited.
Best for low and high dynamic tests.

Areas of application

Numerous application possibilities

The areas of application of CO.Track are tests in which special accuracy is required for the lateral guidance of a vehicle. The prerequisite is that a driver is still desired or permitted in the test vehicle or that the vehicle can be pulled via an external drive (e.g. cable winch).

  • Development and testing of ADAS systems  >>>
  • NCAP AEB City, Interurban and pedestrian protection tests  >>>
  • ISO 3888 double lane change  >>>
  • Brake tests with maximum tracking accuracy
  • Testing of Lane Keeping Assistants  >>>
  • Cornering stability - aquaplaning tests
  • E.g. ESP, lane guidance assistant, etc.
  • Stationary circular drive and much more


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