Remote Control Driving

for unmanned driving tests

CO.Remote is a system that combines a driving robot with a remote control. The remote control transmits commands from outside the vehicle to the driving robot, which converts them into steering or pedal movements.

With CO.Remote, unmanned driving tests can be realised in a very simple way, where no driver should be inside the vehicle.

Key Data

Features of CO.Remote

The remote controlled driving of a test vehicle has the following performance characteristics

  • with the driving robot installed, the driver's seat remains free and can be used e.g. for a dummy
  • different remote controls, such as steering wheel and pedal systems, joystick or pistol grip remote controls can be connected
  • simple test configuration without complex sensor technology
  • expandable with video transmission from inside of the test vehicle
  • equipped vehicle can still be driven manually
  • universally applicable for different vehicles

Experimental Equipment

Required Components

Steering Robot

Whether CS-B20 or CS-B60, our entire range of steering robots can be used in conjunction with the CO.Remote software option.

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Combined Pedal Robot

or the combination of single robots for gas and brake pedal can be used in conjunction with our vehicle dynamics control systems.

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Remote Control

A simple joystick, a pistol grip remote control or alternatively a steering wheel and pedal system can be used as remote control and thus unmanned driving tests can be realised even without location sensors.

Areas of application

Examples of use of CO.Remote

The areas of application for CO.Remote are unmanned driving tests where no driver may be in the vehicle and simple handling is important.

  • unmanned misuse tests  >>>
  • special crash tests, such as rollover tests  >>>
  • general tests in which the driver would be exposed to too great a health burden


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