Robot Simulator - our latest development

The Robot Simulator contains the full software functions of any VEHICO driving robot in a compact format.

With the development of the Robot Simulator, we have significantly simplified the preparation and follow-up of your driving tests with VEHICO driving robots:
the Robot Simulator allows you to prepare and follow up the driving test comfortably at your desk without having the hardware on site.

Uploading your prepared worksheets to your driving robot's controller saves you valuable time on the test track.

You can also use Robot Simulator to follow up on your driving test and analyze the data.

You can also train your colleagues on the VEHICO systems or present finished test evaluations to your customers even without having a robot on site.

small & compact:
95 x 65 x 27 cm & 140 g

With Robot Simulator, you always have the full software functions of any VEHICO robot in your pocket.

VEHICO Marketing Team - 23.05.2022