Measurement Technology in Motion 2023 - a full success!

Measurement technology in motion on May 4, 2023 at the ADAC test center in Penzing - what a success! In bright sunshine, numerous trade visitors were able to gain a personal impression of the advantages of our driving robots.

As part of an exciting and entertaining hands-on challenge "Man vs. Driving Robot", each participant was able to try their hand at performing an emergency braking maneuver on a stationary obstacle and stopping as close as possible to the obstacle. Afterwards, each participant was allowed to perform the same emergency braking maneuver under robot guidance and was thus able to directly experience the high accuracy and reproducibility of the driving robots in a very impressive way.

Talking shop, driving tests and having fun - the memory of a successful event remains!
We thank all visitors for their interest!

VEHICO Marketing Team - 22.05.2023