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The Swiss Kistler Group, internationally renowned world market leader in pressure, force, torque and acceleration measurement technology and represented in over 45 countries, becomes a new partner of VEHICO GmbH and is now distributing its driving robot systems worldwide.

The technically high-quality products of Kistler and VEHICO in the fields of measurement technology and driving robotics complement each other to form a unique product range that no one else in the world can offer. This means competence and know-how from one source. From classic vehicle testing and the development of new types of assistance systems to the development of autonomous vehicles, all customers will benefit directly from these advantages.

For Kistler, too, this partnership represents a real win-win situation: "By combining our many years of expertise in dynamic vehicle testing and vehicle safety with the innovative technologies from VEHICO in the field of driving robots, we are now in a position to expand our portfolio and services for vehicle development and testing. Now we can measure, evaluate and improve the quality of dynamic control and ADAS systems from start to finish. We help our customers to speed up and simplify vehicle testing," says Alexander Putz, Project Manager ADAS Testing at Kistler.

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The cooperation with Kistler represents a further important step in the company's development for VEHICO. With Kistler we have gained an internationally renowned partner for the worldwide distribution of our driving robots. Our presence on the global market is extremely strengthened with this partnership.

We look forward to working with Kistler to further expand our position in the vehicle testing market!

We are proud to inform you that VEHICO won two new sales partner.

For the region Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore VEHICO will in future be represented by MS Instruments. With MS Instruments, who also is an official sales partner of Racelogic, we found a competent partner with long-standing experience for our customers within the automotive range.

For the Israeli market we were able to win MAGAL Automotive Engineering Ltd. as sales partner. MAGAL offers a full range of testing service according to all current test protocols (Euro NCAP, NHTSA, ECE etc.). Furthermore MAGAL is the leading provider for tests of components for autonomous driving.Therewith we found an experienced partner for the Israeli market who will provide best possible support for the customers when realizing projects with VEHICO robots.


MS Instruments (SEA) Sdn. Bhd
Tel : +60-3-80241615
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mr. Shaked Magal
MAGAL Automotive Engineering Ltd.
Tel: +972-25700645
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Unmanned driving of tests is steadily increasing. At this test drives it must be ensured that the vehicle can be brought to a standstill at all times even with a failure of individual system components of the driving robot. VEHICO offers the perfect solution for this application: the Failsafe Emergency Brake Robot is an ideal addition to driving robots to enhance safety during autonomous vehicle tests. The robot uses the vehicle´s brake pedal and can be triggered via radio link from outside the vehicle.

On July 13th, 2017 Jaguar presented the new E-Pace in a world premiere in London and VEHICO has contributed with his driving robots to this success.

The E-Pace, driven by the british stunt driver Terry Grant, performed a 15.3 m jump, rotated 270° and landed savely on all four wheels. The barrel roll, known from the James Bond movie „The Man with the Golden Gun" from 1974, could be performed for the first time with a production vehicle.

The stunt was prepared for several weeks on the Santa Pod Raceway in the UK. The dangerous preperation jumps were driven unmanned with VEHICO driving robots. Therefore the Steering Robot CS-B20 and the Combined Pedal Robot CC800 in conjunction with the Failsafe Emergency Brake Robot EBR were installed in the SUV. For supervising the robots from outside the vehicle our Inter Robot Communication IRC was used. The Jaguar equipped with VEHICO robots completed numerous preparation jumps in order to make adjustments on ramp geometry, vehicle characteristics and optimal speed for the favoured barrel roll trajectory. With the robots the calculated desired parameters could be transferred very precisely. The high acceleration load of up to 5.5g was no problem for the robust robots. After the preparation jumps the stunt driver Terry Grant could take over the steering wheel.

VEHICO is proud to have contributed to the success of the launch with its robots.

The realisation of the world record jump was a successful teamwork. Beside VEHICO McHenry Software, Racelogic, Bagjump, StarEvents, Imagination, SHP Engineering und Terry Grant were also involved.

The video „New Jaguar E-PACE - Behind the Scenes of the Barrel Roll" shows the development of the stunt from the beginning until the world premiere in London.



Again this year VEHICO was represented with a booth on the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2017 in Stuttgart. Three days long the visitors had the chance to inform themselves about the latest driving robots developments. By the presentation of the steering robot CS-B20 and the combined pedal robot CC800 the vistors could convince themselves of the easy handling. The added combination of the steering and the pedal robots with a remote control illustrated the application CO.REMOTE, which converts the control commands to the driving robots to operate the steering and the pedals of the vehicle. Great attention inspired our Dynamic Target Mover, the GPS-guided moving platform for testing real traffic scenarios with any kind of soft targets like pedestrian, bicyclists and vehicles. With the Dynamic Target Mover and the driving robots of VEHICO you are able to fulfill the extended EuroNCAP 2018 testing requirements and to realise all prospective ADAS tests.


We support you with our versatile products and extensive knowledge on the implementation of automatic driving tests. Whether you want to control a pedal or steering wheel or even a complete unmanned test car, we offer you the ability to use functionality exactly where you need it. Simply contact us.

What customer say about us

"We had previously worked a lot with steering robots, but since we use a VEHICO Steering Robot, we have doubled the number of tested vehicles."


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