There are different methods to specify the desired values.

  1. The most frequently used method is the definition through the native scripting language. This can be used to quickly and easily combine different control modes and to generate the desired value profiles.
  2. Via the CAN interface the desired values can be read online, which are then actuated by the robot in real time. This method is used whenever the desired values should be transmitted from another computer to the robot during the test run.
  3. Desired values can be teached by the driver driving a special maneuver while the system records the driver actuation. The data collected can then be provided to the system as desired values, so that the manual maneuver can be repeated with highest precision.
  4. Desired values can be imported via an open file format. The user has the possibility to export the desired value profiles from any software (Matlab, Excel or your own program) to a file. This file is transmitted to the robot, imported and subsequently converted into robot movements.