During customer contacts the question comes up from time to time if customised, predefined driving maneuvers can be integrated into the steering robot software. It is essential that these maneuvres are subject to strictest privacy and nobody else gets this feature.

Through the modular programming of our software we can fulfill these requirements. Software adjustments made specifically for customers are integrated into the software development and maintenance process and are activated on encrypted customised license numbers. Despite of special software adjustments this lets you benefit in the long term of the development in the software and the hardware area of the steering robot.


We support you with our versatile products and extensive knowledge on the implementation of automatic driving tests. Whether you want to control a pedal or steering wheel or even a complete unmanned test car, we offer you the ability to use functionality exactly where you need it. Simply contact us.

What customer say about us

"Their support is excellent. They don't drop you."


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